We publish our program via a podcast because podcasting provides significant advantages over traditional radio broadcasting. When we feature a guest on our program (that’s YOU), that episode is saved as a digital media file (mp3). Each audio file lives permanently on our server and can be found on our website, through search engines and via Social Media as well as through our iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play podcast feeds. Each time a new listener subscribes to our podcast, your episode gets downloaded to their device or iTunes account. That means that your episode remains evergreen and more and more people will hear your message as we continue to build our audience. That is a huge benefit over what an old-school radio show can generate because once a live radio program has aired… it’s over, dead, done forever. This 2017 national survey from Edison Research and Triton Digital found that the audience for all forms of online radio* is now 53% of all Americans age 12 and older, or 140 million weekly listeners in the U.S. “With 7% of Americans 12+ now owning smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google home products, this represents an extraordinary opportunity for increased consumption of internet radio in the home,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital. “Content producers would be wise to pay close attention to this growing segment of the market.”
We have just launched in September of 2018, so we are still growing! The episodes are evergreen and will be promoted regularly through social media, email and other marketing efforts, so we anticipate the following to grow month-over-month!
Your episode is syndicated (distributed) to top-ranking websites and platforms around the world including iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Google Play, Facebook, Email syndication to our subscribers, RSS feed distribution to leading podcast directories, and EastIdahoEntrepreneurs.com. PLUS, we'll provide you with hyperlinks to your episode so that you can share your recording with your own network and audience, and HTML code that will allow you to easily embed your episode on your own website where your visitors can play and replay your episode.
I like to keep things casual and as organic as possible, as if we are having tea together and I wanted to know more about your story. That being said, I do like to have some recommended questions to ask which you provide, so that I can ensure you highlight the parts of your story that are most important to you. I have some canned questions I’ll likely ask, such as “What were the biggest challenges you faced while building X?” and/or “How has the business increased the quality of your life?”.
Typically 40-50 minutes, but block out an hour just in case!
I prefer to conduct the interviews in person but I’m happy to use Zoom if that works better for you. I have the ability to come to you, use Zoom, or have you come to my studio. We can discuss what will work best for you.
I have all the equipment that we will need and will provide that if the interview is in person. If you plan to join me from a computer, then you don’t need anything ahead of time. You’ll simply click the zoom link I send you shortly before our scheduled time and you’ll go right to the Zoom room to join me. You should plan on using an external mic. A USB mic is preferred, but headphone or earbuds that work for your cell phone are acceptable in a pinch.
Try to refrain if you can. I’m trying to keep this a family friendly show. If something slips, I can always have it edited out on the backend.
Yes, there is always editing involved so don’t worry! I do recommend to schedule during a time when minimal distractions are likely. I’ll have you turn off your cell phone and other alerts. If I am meeting you at your office or home, we will need a room that is private, and distractions can be controlled.

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East Idaho Entrepreneurs Podcast is a weekly podcast that features interviews with a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers from Eastern Idaho, just like you. The goal is to bring local business stories to life in an effort to inspire others and share what has shaped your business and your life.

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